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My name is Sandra Herz and I work as a facilitator & consultant in the field of transformative business communication.

My background provides me with a variety of capabilities and experiences that make me a creative sparring partner or an active part in your corporate communication projects across channels.


My core comptetence is to understand the communicative needs and to dive deep into topics, in order to develop strong narratives, and to deliver them to the audience in a conversational, yet compelling way.


A primary focus is on effective communication on sustainability, from sectors and industries down to the individual level. To create the necessary change, we must engage everyone with clear, concise messages and provide convincing action steps.


Another area of focus is digitalization and AI - how to effectively navigate the emerging landscape of human-machine interaction and ensure that everyone is brought along into the new era.


I offer my services online and in person, on stage or behind the scenes, facilitating and ghostwriting, with a focus on corporate conferences and campaigns.  


Find out more by exploring this website and my BLOG or follow me on LinkedIn.




  • when as a corporate expert you would like to brainstorm before booking further consultancy or agency services or
  • when as an agency manager you wish for some support on the topic and method side or
  • when you are looking for an external creative support as part of your internal project team or
  • when you already have a concept but would like someone to challenge it from an external perspective

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  • when you need someone who blends in and adds new perspectives or
  • when your hybrid meeting requires a second host for the online community or
  • when you look for someone with a conceptual approach to co-create the session with you

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