Crafting Moments That Matter: Powerful Dramaturgy for Business Events On- and Offline
Dramaturgy · 22. March 2024
Choosing the right format for business events - in-person, online, or hybrid - is not easy, but my checklist might provide helpful decision questions. A dramaturgical approach can help to craft compelling experiences, by focusing on the purpose, content, and communication. Along a proven framework, this post explores methods to amplify the strengths and mitigate the limitations of each format, ensuring an engaging participant journey.

Want your business events to create impact?
Dramaturgy · 13. October 2023
The term dramaturgy comes from the world of theater. But it's a way of thinking that can help you create better business meetings. This post explores what it takes and how to avoid common pitfalls. Explore core aspects and how to apply this approach. #dramaturgy #eventdesign #purpose