Sustainability: The Missing Narrative
Sustainability Conversations聽路聽26. April 2024
Happy #worldearthday! 馃實 Did you know it was Monday? Most didn鈥檛! Despite the urgency, the narrative around #sustainability often feels disjointed and gloomy. This week, I made a quick Insta story about the surprising lack of awareness. Let鈥檚 change that! Discover how storytelling can make #SDGs relatable and actionable. Get inspired by how AI and strong narratives can spark real change. Ready to craft a compelling sustainability story? Dive in!

Crafting Moments That Matter: Powerful Dramaturgy for Business Events On- and Offline
Dramaturgy聽路聽22. March 2024
Choosing the right format for business events - in-person, online, or hybrid - is not easy, but my checklist might provide helpful decision questions. A dramaturgical approach can help to craft compelling experiences, by focusing on the purpose, content, and communication. Along a proven framework, this post explores methods to amplify the strengths and mitigate the limitations of each format, ensuring an engaging participant journey.

Approach AI to get ahead of the wave
Artificial Intelligence聽路聽01. March 2024
Artificial intelligence does not stop rapidly transforming industries and reshaping our daily lives. In this blog post, I share my experiences of encountering vastly different perspectives on AI within my professional and private circles. I still believe that it's preferable to be an early adopter rather than risk being "steamrolled" and that a playful and effortless approach to AI is possible.

Dare to Play: Buy-In for Strategic Initiatives with Gamification
Creativity聽路聽09. February 2024
Aligned with business goals, gamification can help organizations enhance learning, improve stakeholder experiences, and boost innovation. AI-powered gamification can also support sustainability engagement and strategy communication. #gamification #powerofplay #sustainability

From Reflection to Action: Shaping 2024
My Story聽路聽12. January 2024
In my first 2024 post, I dive into personal highlights from 2023 and discuss the exciting trends and transformations I'm looking forward to. Explore links to selected 2024 trend reports and learn about my plans, to make this year one of growth and innovation. Spoiler alert: AI is part of it. #2023 #2024 #review #trends #lifelonglearning

Unlocking the Visual Code: How Graphics and Videos are Enhancing Corporate Communication
Creativity聽路聽14. December 2023
This blog highlights the innovative edge and forward-thinking approach of integrating visual elements, from cartoons and graphic recording to cutting-edge AI-generated videos, supporting corporate messaging and engagement. #visualstories #videocommunication #artandbusiness

From buzzwords to business strategy: Making sustainability speak to stakeholders
Sustainability Conversations聽路聽30. November 2023
In this article I dive into successful corporate communication, how to marry sustainability with strategy, engage global teams and partners. Discover how to navigate the complexities of sustainability, from technical innovations to societal impacts, and turn communicative challenges into actionable concepts. How do we talk about it, when business meets responsibility?#SustainabilityInAction #BusinessStrategy #CorporateCommunication

No end in sight for AI hype
Artificial Intelligence聽路聽18. November 2023
Abstract by courtesy of Perplexity: "The blog article 'No End in Sight for AI Hype' discusses the ongoing hype around artificial intelligence (AI) and the potential impact on various aspects of life. The article also touches on the broad use of the term AI and the need for a human-centered approach to innovation in this field. The author provides insights into the current state of AI hype, including professionals' perceptions and analysts' forecasts" #ai #humancentric #earlyadopter

Recommended: Valuable Reads
Sources of Inspiration聽路聽03. November 2023
Reading my favorite newsletters and blogs is part of my daily routine. In this blog post I share a few of my sources of inspiration in the fields of #trendspotting, #ai, #newwork and #positiveimpact

Want your business events to create impact?
Dramaturgy聽路聽13. October 2023
The term dramaturgy comes from the world of theater. But it's a way of thinking that can help you create better business meetings. This post explores what it takes and how to avoid common pitfalls. Explore core aspects and how to apply this approach. #dramaturgy #eventdesign #purpose

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