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Sources of inspiration · 03. November 2023
Reading my favorite newsletters and blogs is part of my daily routine. In this blog post I share a few of my sources of inspiration in the fields of #trendspotting, #ai, #newwork and #positiveimpact
Want your business events to create impact?
Tool box of methods · 13. October 2023
The term dramaturgy comes from the world of theater. But it's a way of thinking that can help you create better business meetings. This post explores what it takes and how to avoid common pitfalls. Explore core aspects and how to appy this approach.
Finally launching my blog rocket
About me and this blog · 01. October 2023
After many thoughts around it I now start my blog with inspirations for all those dealing with corporate gatherings and communication. Expect findings and thoughts on hot topics (hello AI!), hotlists on methods, covering analogue and digital equally, and trends (all time favorite: transformation). I hope you find my view valuable!