Originally from a small German town, I moved to Cologne to attend college.

Pursuing a performing arts education in Hamburg later, ignited a lifelong passion for storytelling and dramaturgy.

My interest in management and organizations was actually sparked by a side job along the way. It led me to advanced studies and into a German entertainment company's PR department, where I learned to weave my love for storytelling into the fabric of media and public relations.

In the following years my career further unfolded in the realm of communication agencies, where I climbed the ladder to management positions and had the chance to shape cross-channel narratives and strategies with dedicated teams and network partners.

About 15 years ago, a new chapter began. As a consultant, facilitator, and coach, I am dedicated to assisting clients throughout Germany and Europe. My work ranges from revitalizing internal communications to creating memorable events and campaigns that resonate and inspire.

The rise of accessible generative AI brought a new twist to my services. I am passionate about exploring the intersectional fields impacted by the new technology and helping others to navigate the complex issue.

I am committed to lifelong learning and keeping up with the latest trends in AI, business, organizational development, and systems' dynamics fuels my passion and informs my work.


In addition to project engagements, I share insights through blogging and teaching, embracing the digital and transformative waves that shape our lives.


A few of the customers I had the pleasure to work with:

  • Borealis and OMV Group
  • Bekaert Group
  • Beaulieu International Group
  • Rossmann
  • Edekabank
  • Nestlé Germany
  • Tallence
  • VBG
  • Mammazentrum Hamburg and OncoNet Nord e.v.
  • Convention Group Germany
  • AXICA Berlin
  • Voltus Group
  • Ideenexpo Hannover
Portrait photo of Sandra Herz
Photo: Mica Reinhardt (micareinhardt.de)