Artificial Intelligence

Approach AI to get ahead of the wave
Artificial Intelligence · 01. March 2024
Artificial intelligence does not stop rapidly transforming industries and reshaping our daily lives. In this blog post, I share my experiences of encountering vastly different perspectives on AI within my professional and private circles. I still believe that it's preferable to be an early adopter rather than risk being "steamrolled" and that a playful and effortless approach to AI is possible.

No end in sight for AI hype
Artificial Intelligence · 18. November 2023
Abstract by courtesy of Perplexity: "The blog article 'No End in Sight for AI Hype' discusses the ongoing hype around artificial intelligence (AI) and the potential impact on various aspects of life. The article also touches on the broad use of the term AI and the need for a human-centered approach to innovation in this field. The author provides insights into the current state of AI hype, including professionals' perceptions and analysts' forecasts" #ai #humancentric #earlyadopter