MASTERCLASS: Craft Tranformative Business Events - with Dramaturgy and AI

In today's increasingly remote workplaces and automated processes, there is a clear need for real connection. Conventional event design is no longer meeting this need in terms of impact, behavior change, and motivation.

Are you looking for new ways to create engaging gatherings that meet the expectations of the digital era in terms of personalization, dialogue, and interaction?


Do you want to translate strategy and business topics into emotional conference storylines and settings, but have to meet sustainability requirements and work with restricted resources?

Join my exclusive online masterclass, tailored for business conference designers in corporations and agencies. In just two days (2 sessions à 120 minutes), you'll master the art of agenda setting, media design, flow scripting, evaluation and more—using the power of AI to enhance speed and creativity at every step.

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Don't miss this opportunity to transform your conference design process and deliver impactful, memorable experiences!

(Offer valid until 31 May 2024)

What you will learn

In two immersive sessions, I will guide you through every element of successful conference dramaturgy - from pre-communication to post-event evaluation - showing you how to be consistent to purpose and how AI can supercharge your creativity and efficiency in the process.

  • Addressing the right target audience in the best way
  • Decision framework online, hybrid and in-person events and how to shape the technological environment
  • Compelling agenda setting
  • Engage with personalized communication before, during and after the event
  • Creating flows that match with everyones' organic needs
  • Brief presenters and key note speakers to make them shine
  • Make life easy for hosts and moderators
  • Handle and present state-of-the-art media
  • Make messages stick with engaging follow-up
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  • ... if you want to transform standard business events into memorable, impactful experiences that attendees talk about long after they've ended.

  • ... if you are looking to lead change in your organization by hosting events that are not only informative but transformative.
  • ... if you are seeking innovative ways to integrate AI-created art and genuinely human emotions into your event design, to follow a powerful narrative.

  • ... if you want to stay ahead of the latest trends in participant engagement, media and content presentation.

  • ... if you are challenged by the need to engage diverse, international audiences and want to learn AI fueled methods to enhance inclusivity and interaction.

  • ... if you wish to develop practical skills in dramaturgy and AI creativity that can be immediately applied to your next event, elevating your role from planner to creator.

  • ... if you require sophisticated tools to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of your events, in terms of behavior change and



  • ... if you prefer conventional, by-the-book event planning over exploring innovative and creative event design techniques

  • ... if you are just interested in event-planning automations and efficiency gains (more suitable courses for this purpose do exist)
  • ... if you have no experience in event planning or design and are not familiar with the basic principles of organizing and managing events at all.


What you can expect

  • An exclusive class with no more than 20 participants with a lot of space for questions, interaction, and small group work
  • Lively presentation of content, based on real life experiences from international conferences in various formats and size
  • A tailored approach based on a pre-survey to meet individual challenges and requests
  • The chance to work on your real project, if you like, getting advice and ideation support
  • Hands on tipps, checklists and links to helpful tools


A photo of Sandra Herz moderating in an event setting

My background in performing arts and extensive experience in organizational communication gave me the opportunity to develop a unique blend of creative storytelling and strategic digital insights during my career.
I bring more than 15 years of experience in corporate communications, event production, and facilitation across diverse industries to the table. I have designed and executed conferences, campaigns, and interventions for pharmaceutical companies, consumer goods retailers, banks, manufacturers, and energy firms. Over the years, I gained expertise in formats like leadership summits, trade shows, and employee gatherings, classic in-person as well as innovative digital and hybrid events. Even before the pandemic and the rise of AI, I was exploring the intersection of dramaturgy and digital innovation.
As a consultant and coach, I help clients in Germany and across Europe create impactful campaigns and conferences while navigating digitalization and sustainability transformation.


Discover how to effectively combine creative storytelling with strategic digital approaches in a fact-driven, practical workshop setting:

  • Two interactive Zoom sessions, each 120 minutes, on two subsequent days (Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, CEST timezone)
  • You will receive the Zoom invitation 24 hours before the first session starts
  • Upfront survey to understand your needs
  • Small class < 20 participants, time for individual questions and project discussion
  • Learning material provided afterwards

Fee (both days included) 149 Euros net, incl. VAT

Payment possible via PayPal, Stripe or credit card upon check out with the registration form, an invoice will be submitted with the booking confirmation.

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