Finally launching my blog rocket

Well, still not sure if it is going to go off or rather stays in the 'will-be-a-success-soon' status of Elon Musk's SpaceX starship, but life is all about trial and error.


I've been thinking about blogging and preparing this project for almost a year, and there were a few challenges to overcome along the way.


One major hurdle was the decision about which language to use. English isn't my first language, being born and raised in Germany, so I'm aware that my blog may not win any blog literary awards, but there are good reasons to challenge myself.  I often work with people across Europe, including clients and partners, most of my daily reading material is international, and I'm trying to build a successful online course business (more on that later), so writing exclusively for a German-speaking community feels limiting and wrong.

And, hey, during these months of hesitation AI has taken off with today loads of tools available and plenty of chances to have my writing double-checked. (Disclaimer: I'm really into AI, but I promise that all of my blog posts will be still originally ME!)


A second obstacle was choosing the right platform. While it is still on my bucket list to explore the universes of Wordpress, for now I have decided to start on my JIMDO website platform. Feel free to leave any comment about your user experience, it is always good to get a push for improvement 🙂

WHy another blog?

As a consultant and facilitator, I need to rapidly grasp scenarios and environments, including constellations and contexts. To accomplish this, I rely on my knowledge and experience while also staying knowledgeable in various areas of interest. My professional biography is not at all straightforward (neither was the personal path, but this is a separte matter...) and curiosity has always been a driving force in my life.


Maybe it originates from early socialization - my mom often used to quickly grab the encyclopedia (yes, those thick books) whenever a question popped up, and shared the findings including context. It is such a pitty that she has passed away before experiencing the convenience of having all the answers at her fingertips with just a couple of clicks.

From childhood, I make a habit of consuming volumes of content daily. As a teenager, the local library was my favorite place to be, and, of course, the world wide web's emergence was a boon for individuals like myself.


Almost every day, I come across an attractive newsletter or blog, and my collection of (meanwhile digitally organized) content grows larger.

Over time, ideas and information come together as valuable inspiration. I am excited to share this with you in this blog.

What to expect

In my professional role I am exposed to a wide variety of business issues and trends, and my personal interests are almost as broad. But I am noticing recurring conversations around a few major themes in my projects, like transformation, purpose, sustainabilty, digitalization, diversity & inclusion.I will tag blog pots with those themes and others. 


On the other hand, there are preferred methods & tools that nurture my way of creating inspiring and impactful communication. If you work in this field - in any role or environment - you may find it useful to expore the blog post categories like 'toolbox of methods', 'art & design', 'playground' or 'tech with sense'. So far the plan, my hope is to grow with the go :-)


However, a vital aspect of my role, which falls within the intersection of advising and designing, is to inquire appropriately. It is a well-known fact that fresh concepts emerge only by challenging the existing norms. That's why my blog posts will provide selected material, links and references, but additionally they will add the perspectives of 'really?', 'what is stopping us from trying...?' and 'what if...?'. The latter is also used by one of my favourite technology scouts and future explorers Henry Coutinho-Mason in his Future Normal newsletter, highly recommended if you wonder about tech and trends and what it means for our way of living.


In the last year I participated in some webinars and courses to learn more about B2B blogging. I gained insight about the importance of hotlists, tonality and how to target my audience.

But ultimately, we need to work together to determine what works in creating relevant content with my unique perspective, and whether you, the reader, enjoy it or not.

I plan to publish every second week, ideally on Fridays, but I'm open to consider your preferences and suggestions, you are invited to leave a comment.


Stay tuned and thank you so much for boarding the rocket with me!!

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